FAQ- please read before asking a question

    Chances are if you send me a hate, you’ll simply be blocked and ignored. The only times I respond to hate is when I find it amusing and I feel like being sarcastic.

    What’s your URL mean?

    • Whenever I ask my sister to take me to the gym, she says “okaaay gymorexic”. I DO NOT ENDORSE EATING DISORDERS. If you send me hate about it, you will simply be blocked and the message will be deleted. Don’t even waste your time.

    How many calories do you consume a day?

    • 1400-1700 depending how much I exercise.

    Whats a good diet for me?

    • My answer will always be the same. Eat clean and train dirty.

    Can you promote me?

    • I don’t do promotions on requests. I do promotions maybe once or twice a day.

    You dont ever do the promotions you post!

    • Yes, I do. You just didn’t see it. I leave them up for at least an hour or two or maybe even over night.


    • WHAT I DO AT THE GYM: Rarely do I ever repeat the same cardio consecutively. It’s constantly changing. One day, I will run for 3 miles on the treadmill then get on the elliptical for a little. The next day, I will go on the ski machine then bike.
    • I use free weights to tone my arms. I also do ab exercises. 
    • I’m usually at the gym for an hour or so.
    • I go about 5 days a week.

    Do you have cheat days?

    • If I want something, I’m going to eat it. Maybe not the whole thing depending on what it is. Everything in moderation, not deprivation.