urgent please please help

    I missed my birth control last night and I took it as soon as I got home today at 6 and I went to the bathroom and my toilet paper turned pink when I wiped :”( I wouldn’t be so upset if it weren’t that my wedding is this Sunday :(((

    I don’t know what to do. is this spotting? my period tracker says I’m a day late. also, should I take another one like at 4 in the morning? or wait til tomorrow night? I’m panicking.

    havent gotten on here in ages and dont know how i still have the amount of followers that i do. thanks for loving me:) wedding planning is stressful but i am ready to be in cali on my honeymoon!

    Anonymous asked:
    Do you believe in sex before marriage? Are you waiting?

    its not really santa clause lol. no, i have not waited.

    Anonymous asked:
    I think you guys are so cute together!!

    aw thanks!!

    any computer nerds out there know how to view a twitter profile who protected their tweets??

    no one liked any of my videos so i took them down


    xientystagram asked:
    You're engaged? Last time I checked your blog you had just met the guy! wow congrats I'm happy for you!:)

    hahah ooh you late ;) that was last year when i met him! but thanks so much! im very happy.